About Velsmedia

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Gopinath Krishnamurthi, over 20 years of experience in Media, he hails from Kallakuruchi district. He has held a high profile position in various Media Organisation. He has also worked as Editor in many Media Houses. Vels Media operates under his leadership.

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About Vels Media


Vels Media is headquartered in Chennai and it is a proprietary enterprise. It’s a Web-based News Media without any bias towards any organisation, individual or parties. The portal will feature news from across all fields including Politics, Spirituality, Culinary, Healthcare, and Literature.

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The portal will feature interesting articles from various subject matter experts.

The portal will feature interviews with leading and popular politicians, actors, scientists, writers, chefs, spiritual leaders, and doctors. A Youtube channel runs under Vels Media banner. Much useful information can be obtained from that as well. We assure our patrons and the general public that they will NEVER be misguided by Vels Media.